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Whether you are building a new food manufacturing facility, managing or building  a cheese aging room, meat drying room or a state of the art grow room,  SDI's cheese aging room temperature controls and building systems guarantee the efficient, long-term production of your products.

Under the management of veteran cheese consultant Neville McNaughton, our team specializes in the Cheese, Meat and Produce industries and has more than a century of combined experience in the field.  Our integrated design systems provide you with complete control of your food processing environment.

Cheese Aging Room Controls



Precision control of aging, drying, storage and grow  room environments

Technical Consulting

Cheesemaking, HACCP, Food Safety, Grant Writing &, Marketing Support Services

We are always priced competitively when plant layout, energy use and system requirements are evaluated.

We approach each job with a thorough evaluation of your facility, equipment and goals.



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Sanitary Air Management

Air handling systems for aging spaces, drying rooms, grow rooms and all areas of your operation

Sanitary Panel Building Systems

Whether you are building a new cheese aging space, meat drying room or a complete facility,  SDI  provides state of the art walls, panels and doors.

Providing Innovative Solutions for the Food Processing Industry

Our equipment is made with the highest quality materials for the longest performance and safest possible results.


Sanitary Design Industries



Cheese Vats, COP/CIP, packing equipment, presses and forms