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Everyday we hear more about incidents of Listeria contamination, and we get calls from customers who have had FDA inspections that reveal Listeria at their plants.  Listeria can threaten the livelihood of your business!

LISTEX™ P100 is a culture of safe micro-organisms (bacteriophage preparation) in use as a processing-aid,  characterized by its laser-like target of Listeria monocytogenes strains.  It does not affect other bacteria or molds.
LISTEX™ P100, has been clinically proven to eliminate the presence of Listeria in food production environments.  It does not affect other bacteria, molds, flavors or food properties, and is easily integrated into the daily production routine.  Why take a chance when there is insurance against Listeria?

Cleaning and sanitation solutions

CheezSorce/SDI offers a full line of environmentally safe Hypred Cleaning Chemicals for use with all your equipment and throughout your entire facility. We recommend only Hypred because we believe they are the best, most energy efficient and green chemicals with no phosphates in most products.

"The Hypred chemicals we use are great--long lasting, easy to use and very effective cutting through the daily "build up" of cheese making.  Good to know we're easy on the environment too."

In working with customers, we often get asked what chemicals we recommend for cleaning tools and equipment, as well as neutralizing acids and reaching the right alkaline levels for the most effective sanitation procedures. We always recommend chemicals by Hypred USA, as we believe them to be the safest, most effective, environmentally sound cleaning chemicals available to food processors today. We support this line of product as a revolutionary cleaner that significantly impacts operational savings.