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From the minute you place your product into a conditioned space to age, dry or grow, it must appreciate in value. Without the proper controls, all your work and raw materials have little or no value in the marketplace.  What happens in that room creates the final product you are proud to sell.

Unwanted mold growth, overly dry or wet air and inconsistent conditions are the things that can completely destroy your product while it should be appreciating in value.  The only way to control these factors is to manage the vapor pressure and temperature in your room. A simple store bought thermostat or humidistat stuck on the wall and connected to your cooling/heating system is just not up to that kind of challenge.

The SDI Control uses Patent Pending Advanced Control Logic combined with high quality sensors to maintain constant dew point in your room whether you have just brought in a high moisture load or have a seasonal temperature shift. No other control on the market can do this so simply, reliably and accurately.

Our customers say "I sleep at night now that I don't have to worry about my rooms".  Let the experts at SDI help you manage your most important assets and maybe, get some rest.

Our advanced control logic will manage Vapor Pressure in the room and minimize swings in Relative Humidity.  SDI controls are designed to be simple and robust in application with easy field support.

Cheese aging room temperature

cheese aging room controls

Call  Us for Control of:
Temperature & Relative Humidity
Clean Process Area Air
Food Grade Quality Air
  • Control air movement with variable speed fans or dampers
  • Auxiliary outputs for heat and humidity
  • Manual overrides
  • Tech support

  • Maintain precise vapor pressure in caves and other aging, drying, storage or growing environments
  • Flexible design works with chilled water or refrigerant systems
  • For use with Sanitary Air Handling Systems - either horizontal or vertical.
  • Easy to use touch screen
  • NEMA 4X enclosure

Environmental Controls

Most cheese aging, drying or grow room controls cool the space to remove moisture and then add back heat to replace the required BTU’s. The SDI Environmental Control, with either refrigerant or hydroninc (water) systems, manages the relative humidity in the room by managing Vapor Pressure.  Vapor Pressure management is the essence of control, no wild swings, no dead spots in the system– just a constant state.