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SDI curb construction will protect walls and assure ease of cleaning for best sanitary practices.

build a cheese aging room

build a cheese cave


  • SDI building systems are designed to build your    plant/room to an exact specification
  • Monolithic walls mean there is no place in the wall core for vermin, bacteria, yeast and mold
  • No cold pipes that will attract moisture as condensation that may get deposited inside a wall 
  • No penetrations that allow vapor into the wall to connect with cold pipes

SDI Panels can come with different finishes on each side. Food Grade Facings on the inside, industrial finishes on the outer surface e.g. ceilings and external walls

  • Polyester paint on Galv. Steel .002 thickness
  • Vinyl paint on Galv. Steel .004 thickness
  • Glasboard Brand FRP on any core, smooth or stucco’d
  • Glasboard Brand FRP on primered steel, smooth or stucco’d

SDI Panels available in thickness configurations from 2” to 12”. 

Each panel is 48” wide; coverage is 47.375”/panel

Cores available are:           

  • EPS expanded polystyrene – R 3.85/in – Strong, Low Cost
  • EPS extruded polystyrene – R 5.2/in – High Compressive Strength, Highly Resistant to Moisture Permeation
  • Polyisocyurante – R 6.2/in – Best R/in, Fire Resistant
  • Mineral Wool – R 3.61/in – Fire Rated material

SDI Solutions are in the details...

SDI's custom doors and door jambs are designed specifically to fit our panel system. PVC jambs and stainless hardware are 100% food grade and durable doors are sealed with an easily replaceable double gasket.

SDI offers an innovative  mushroom bolt system that  will support fabric cables, hose holders, electrical boxes etc. without crushing or damaging the integrity of the wall panel system.

  • Self supporting structure
  • Cut to length to reduce waste
  • Thickness from 2" - 12"
  • Panels are installed over a T-bar suspended ceiling
  • Wide range of core materials
  • Long life corrosion resistant facings and trim
  • 100% food grade materials
  • 100% expert support from design to installation

We ask our customers how long must this building last, what maintenance cost do you expect, and will it continue to meet specifications in the future? build a cheese cave 

What we sell today has 60 years of experience behind it and will last far into the future.

SDI SANITARY Building Systems - build a cheese aging room

A complete solution for all food grade plants