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A Checklist for Starting a Cheese Factory

By The Center for Dairy Innovation

A good overview checklist for anyone planning to open or expand their current operations.

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Raw milk cheese in the United States.  A proposal to limit pathogen contamination

By The Center for Dairy Innovation

The raw milk cheese production and consumption is still small in the US. The reason for concern is that sometimes the microflaura that develops is not the one expected. It could be dangerous for human consumption. Worldwide, raw milk cheese has been associated to food borne diseases. This concern is especially strong in the US. The Food and Drug Administration, that oversee US food safety regulation, emphasizes the risk of consuming raw milk cheese. Thus, current food safety regulation does not permit sale and production of raw milk cheese unless if it has been aged for at least 60 days. However, more and more raw milk cheeses are being marketed in the US.