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    • Right for multiple applications
    • Wall to wall, floor to ceiling, end to end the same conditions everywhere in the room
    • Air flow matched to needs of the room and the load
    • Sanitary Cabinet, can be cleaned when the room is fully loaded without moving product
    • Fabric can be changed quickly when required
    • Fabric has a functional life up to 40 years
    • Coils can be swabbed to validate cleaning technique
    • Equipment has long life, easy maintenance if work is needed
    • Precision and robust controls give tight control of Relative Humidity
    • SDI Integrated System is a true vapor pressure control solution

    The more control you have of your environment, the more consistent your product will be.  Whether your facility requires Sanitary Production Cooling or Dew Point Control for drying and aging, SDI designs every system to the highest level of sanitary standards to minimize your risks of product contamination so you can focus on product consistency and quality.

    Watch a video about our fully integrated Aging Room/Cave  System

    SDI Environmental Control

     Precise control of vapor pressure in any environment

     SDI Fabric Duct System

    Complete sanitary air control

    SDI Integrated SOLUTIONS

    for complete control in any environment