Sanitary Air Management is another key to good aging room management. Whether in the aging room or in other processing areas, consistent, wall to wall, floor to ceiling airflow is critical to safe & clean processing.

The Vertical Air Handler combined with fabric ducts is the ultimate air handling solution.

  • 304 SS with 316 Stainless option
  • Polished welded seams
  • No threads
  • USDA approved sanitary feet
  • Watertight sealed mechanical components
  • Anti microbial fabric ducting system
  • Coated coils to endure harsh environments and cleaning chemicals 
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The Ceiling Mount Air Handler is an excellent option:

  • Low profile for small spaces
  • For use in sanitary food processing environment, grow rooms, aging and drying applications
  • All 304 stainless steel construction with wash down motors
  • Use with chilled water/glycol or refrigerant systems
  • Coated coils to endure harsh environments
  • Precise control of temperature, dew point/relative humidity
  • Excellent value solution for retrofit or new construction applications

The three key aspects of managing an aging room are:


Proper curing, drying and aging of salami, prosciutto and other charcuterie are the key to consistent quality and good yield.  It is critical to maintain a consistent temperature and dew point in your space so you can effectively manage both seasonal shifts and changes in load.

The SDI system utilizes a patent pending technology is based on that one simple but important principle: The only way to maintain consistent control of an aging room is to control two variables that result in optimal conditions - Temperature and Dew Point. Unlike typical systems that operate in an on/off fashion, the SDI system modulates, keeping the room in constant control.

SDI offers a complete building system of food grade wall panels, ceilings and doors for retrofit or new construction.

  • 100% food grade FRP
  • A variety of surfaces and thickness available
  • Fully customized design services
  • For more details visit our Building Panels page

THE environment

The SDI 'XM' Control System is specifically designed for the meat processing industry.  The system uses multi-sensor technology  to maintain precise temperature &  dew point - so the room can be maintained at a very specific Relative Humidity level.

 “Neville and his team at SDI have put together a control system that frankly works better than any we’ve used in the past. I really appreciate the ability to micro control virtually everything about the conditions of my cure room. They offer responsive assistance and have worked with us to make sure that the system is working at its optimum functionality and is meeting our needs. I highly recommend this system for meat processors who need more control over their cure room environments.”  Mark Sanfilippo - Salume Beddu St Louis, MO,



  • Retrofit or new construction
  • Maintain precise conditions to avoid case hardening
  • Flexible design works with chilled water or refrigerant systems
  • For use with Sanitary Air Handling Systems - either horizontal or vertical.
  • Easy to use 6" color touch screen
  • NEMA 4X enclosure
  • Control air movement with variable speed fans or dampers
  • Auxiliary outputs for heat and humidity
  • Manual overrides
  • Full tech support
  • IP 65 Rated
  • ETL Listed

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