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From our Customers...

Sanitary Design Industries

               ACS Award Winner

“Neville and his team at SDI have put together a control system that frankly works better than any we’ve used in the past. I really appreciate the ability to micro control virtually everything about the conditions of my cure room. They offer responsive assistance and have worked with us to make sure that the system is working at its optimum functionality and is meeting our needs. I highly recommend this system for meat processors who need more control over their cure room environments.”

"I am extremely pleased to see that level of control...   Once I have the wifi recorder in place I will let you know and that way you can show your customers.  Thank you for all of your help and patience."
The SDI aging room system has operated flawlessly from the start. We’re very happy with its ability to maintain a steady temperature and the set humidity level in each aging room with a minimum of air movement."

 "The Wrap Room Aging Room is perfect. The cheese is already looking better."

​"For 15 years we have benefited from the good advice from Neville and his team.  We recently completed a major expansion using SDI consultation, building materials and equipment. They stand behind and guarantee their work...These folks work hard to make you happy."

"Our new control is fantastic.  It's so good and easy to gauge that we are considering switching out our other rooms."  

"These guys are definitely pioneers in cheese making technology with very smart engineering ideas for aging room environments."

"Whenever there is a problem or an idea for change or expansion, we always call Neville or CheezSorce, (and now SDI) first thing." 

"This should make you happy.  With your new control (the temperature and humidity in our aging room) are maintaining week after week."

"[The Air Handler] is the one thing that always runs consistently here! Maybe a touch too sardonic? No really, it's been an awesome ride with the room. It does what it is supposed to do and that's refreshing".

" First I want to say thank u so much that u save my hands and rest of my team workers. The humidity controller that u installed for us was great, it saves time and  my hands won’t get numb because I don’t have to scrub the Queso so much anymore. The aging room smells so clean and the wheels look perfect, no mold growing. Before I have to wake up in the middle of the night with my hands shaking and I was worried that my cheese making career might end, now I can sleep much better. And I am so happy with the new cheese press too. That press save so much time, and all my cheese workers r very happy. Now I am so happy my wheels r looking good and pretty. Thank you so much, your hard work helps us make great cheese."

"Thank you sooooo much!  You were amazing!  We had deep discussions after you signed off.   You are brilliant. 
Thanks for helping us build our local food economy."  - In response to a food safety webinar presented by our consultant, Marie Limoges.