Conventional air systems are breeding grounds for microbiological hazards like listeria, yeast, mold, legionella, sick building syndrome and more. When found in food products these hazards can result in sickness or, in some cases, death. Additionally, product recalls can also occur. We frequently hear about these in the news. The impact of these events for families and businesses can be devastating.

The transportation mechanism for these hazards is air. Traveling on dust and water droplets these hazards are the invisible danger that we address. For every food producer who struggles with air quality, every cheese and meat room, hydroponic growing room, mushroom and lettuce or high humidity area where products are washed and packaged, SDI understands the issues. The greatest comfort when food safety is on the line is knowing that proper safety and sanitary conditions exist.

SDI systems address the role of air quality in food plants. Air, the contact surface we never clean, is the invisible danger that puts life and business at risk. At SDI we have the motto, "BUILD TO A SPECIFICATION". We understand the risk associated with conventional air and SDI has the solution.

When writing the specification for your air system, the last item on the list is: "Make sure that it will do no harm"

  There is a paradigm shift in the air, and SDI is leading the change.

Horizontal Ceiling Mount Sanitary Air Handler

Whether you need humidity control or production area cooling, getting the right system in the right place will improve quality, yield, safety

and the energy efficiency of your operation.

Coupled with the SDI Fabric Duct System and SDI Environmental Control you will have a completely sanitary, controlled environment for your custom application.

CUSTOMIZED Sanitary Air Handling Solutions

Food Processing Environments - Drying & Aging Rooms - Grow Rooms & Hydroponics


304 SS with 316 Stainless option

Polished welded seams

No threads

USDA approved sanitary feet

Watertight sealed mechanical components

Anti microbial fabric ducting system

Coated coils to endure harsh environments and cleaning chemicals 


Uniform conditions from floor to ceiling


Sensors and controls maximize efficient operation of all mechanical components

  • Low profile for small spaces
  • For use in sanitary food processing environment, grow rooms, aging and drying applications
  • All 304 stainless steel construction with wash down motors
  • Use with chilled water/glycol or refrigerant systems
  • Coated coils to endure harsh environments
  • Precise control of temperature, dew point/relative humidity
  • Excellent value solution for retrofit or new construction applications

Vertical Floor Mount Sanitary Air Handler with Fabric Ducts




The data is in. Our customers have reported product yield improvements of as much as 1.6% in rooms where the SDI Solutions have been installed.


 In a facility that produces 50,000#

of cheese a year -  That is an

increase of 800# of saleable cheese

in the first year.

At an average of $10/# wholesale, that equates to a bottom line

profit improvement of $8,000 in

one year.  

See our Air Handlers in Action


100% access to entire cabinet

Ductwork easily removed

and cleaned

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