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Fabric Duct System, Fabric Ducts, fabric air ducts.


  • Single or double cables
  • Single  or double H rail systems
  • Full round, half round or quarter round
  • 4 different flow nozzles
  • Available in 8" to 60" standard, larger available on special order

Trevira-CS fabric is available with our without EPA approved Antimicrobial treatment.  This fabric meets all UL requirements and carries a 10 year warranty. 

Trevia is the only True Green Fabric Duct product on the market


  • Efficient & consistent air flow
  • Easy to clean
  • Light weight materials eliminate cracks and crevices
  • Easy installation
  • Flexible design for mutiple applications
  • Fabric does not transmit noise from conventional equipment


  • Dairy, meat or produce processing plants
  • Aging and drying rooms
  • Clean rooms
  • Walk-in coolers and freezers
  • Rooms with conventional HVAC

SDI Fabric Air Ducts are designed for easy sanitation, energy efficiency and versatility. 

Coupled with a SDI Sanitary Air Handling Unit, this high tech and low maintenance solution guarantees efficient, consistent airflow for almost any commercial or food processing environment.