• Automate production procedures
  • Consistent repeatable results for every operator
  • Touch screen controls
  • 5 different programmable cook functions
  • Heat, Cool, Cook & Pasteurize modes


  • Minimize floor space footprint
  • Fixed plumbing, no hoses or pumps on the floor
  • Easy drain design
  • Accessory drain strainer
  • Accessory cook function available (avoids over-cooked vats, will pasteurize while you work)
  • 3A outlet valve standard
  • Mechanically simple and robust
  • Can be set up as a Bulk Tank, Batch Pasteurizer or Cheese Vat

  • Most efficient batch pasteurizer heat exchanger
  • Most efficient curd cutting available, ideal for difficult cheese like blue
  • Most gentle on milk and curds
  • Reported fat losses below 0.2%
  • Reported increase in yield of 0.3% over a round vat
  • Allow press under whey step for continental cheeses

Designed and built by a cheesemaker for cheesemakers, our cheese vats are the premier product in the industry.   Intuitive, innovative design adaptable to large and small operations.

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SDI "One-step" cleaning systems save water, time, energy, and chemicals

  • Reducing the rinse following the alkaline wash. Remember, "one-step" cleaners rinse free of wash solution faster than traditional cleaners.
  • Elimination of the acid wash (in some cases alkaline).
  • Elimination of the fresh water rinse following the acid wash.

  • SDI Vat Outlet Strainer for Rectangular Vats
  • Eliminates the problems associated with other strainers
  • Flat fitting against the end and the bottom of the vat, will cover most outlet gullets/recesses
  • High flow allows vat to drain completely

Riser Stands 26" high
Width 10.5"
Foot Plate11 1/8" wide
8.5" extension on vat bottom
Complete Coverage of Gullet up to 8" x 8"
Foot Plate can be shaped by customer if necessary for perfect fitment.

Vat Drain Strainer Accessory

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