The Quick Affordable Solution for Aging, Drying and Curing

Finished Floor

Shelving Units

Short Walls (7' 6")

LED Lighting Kit

THE BOX comes complete with everything you need to build a fully functional aging, drying or curing room with precision environmental controls.THE BOX is ready for a turnkey installation by your HVAC contractor.

THE BOX includes:
    •DIY Cam-Lock construction
    •USDA white closed cell insulated panels
    •SDI touch screen control system
    •2 fan stainless evaporator with coated coils
    •Refrigeration condensor/compressor
    •Standard lighting
    •Heavy duty hinges and handles
    •Available in 8X8, 8X12 or 12x12




21 Mo

Improving the Performance of your Aging Space will Increase Your Yield!

Annual Production

1.6% Increase in Yield

$20 at Market

Payout on 8X8

THE BOX Pays for Itself

Raw materials, labor and overhead start gaining value only after they spend time in your aging space.  Poorly engineered, low priced hacks will cost you in the long run.  A well engineered, consistent aging space is one of your most important investments.

Control of the aging environment is critical to producing your product.  The Market demands consistent texture, taste and appearance.  The accurate control of temperature and dew point in THE BOX will assure that every ounce of product is maximized.

Moisture Loss = Profit Loss
Unsaleable Cheese = Profit Loss

Are you risking your inventory

with hack solutions?
We have proven a 1.6% increase in yield. 

$/Sq Ft




Kick-Start your Business!
SDI’s premier technology in an affordable, simple to assemble kit.

Whether you are expanding your current operation, adding a new product line that needs isolated curing, drying or aging or starting up a new business - you can now get the best of SDI’s environmental control technology in one stop.

Starting out with optimal conditions, means your product will never be compromised.  Your results will be consistent and repeatable.  And because your product is handled correctly you will have less waste - which means more profit at the end of the day. THE BOX pays for itself quickly, simply because you can sell more product.






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